Milk does the body good!

With the birth of the first goat 3 weeks ago, the milking season began. I waited a few weeks before I started to milk Rosa, my milk goat. The first milk the mother goats produce is colostrum and is not so tasty to drink, so I waited until all of that had passed. The kids are so happy to have the fresh milk again. Once you start to drink the “real” stuff, that store bought milk just doesn’t cut the mustard. Rosa is a good milker, I am getting a half gallon each morning. Iceberg, her baby, is put up at night and I milk Rosa in the morning. Once I am done, both are turned out together. This way, Iceberg gets the benefit of being raised by his mother and I don’t have to bottle feed. Should I need to be away from home, Iceberg takes care of all the milking. If I did not leave the babies with the mothers, I would have to milk every morning and evening- no missing. If any of you have ever nursed a baby, you know how it feels when the baby has slept too long! Anyway, this year I have a wonderful concrete floor in my milking parlor. Tony laid it for me a few weeks ago. I am so excited- this will make it so much easier to keep the milking parlor clean. We used concret blocks instead of the wet concrete. With the weather being so unpredictable, it was so simple to lay the blocks. It worked great. Not only does milk do the body good, milking does the soul good. I so enjoy the quiet time in the barn milking in the morning.

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