My Playhouse, er I mean Greenhouse

I am enjoying my new greenhouse so much. My wonderful husband built it for me. He is wonderful for many reasons, mostly for the fact that he is crazy over me flaws and all. For that , he has my unending devotion. Talk fo the greenhouse and how we wanted it to look had gone on for awhile. Some good friends of ours gave us the old wood. So, the windows and and lumber are all reclaimed. We had a lot of fun working on it together. Once it was up, I began potting out seeds in it. Given the fact that we did not have heat in it yet and I need to pot seeds in January, I put the trays on top of the fridge until they sprouted and grew their first real leaves. Then they moved to the green house. I am so impressed with how well the seedlings are doing. Even with the cool nights, they are growing very well. I do have a kerosene heater now, I will most likely need to use it before spring is over. A late freeze around Easter is quite common around here. Inside that greenhouse is the most stress free spot on the place. There and the barn, both built by Tony.

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