Passover Celebration

We celebrated Easter tonight with a Seder Meal. This is the traditional celebration done by the jewish community. We celebrate, not in anticipation of the coming Messiah, but in celebration that Jesus has come and set us free from sin! We all enjoy it so much.

I was so grateful when I was first taught about the seder meal. For a long time I wanted a celebration that would make Easter as special as Christmas. Without the crucifixtion and the resurection, Christmas would not be worth celebrating. I know we have Easter egg hunts, Easter Baskets, and Easter dresses, but that just was not enough for me. Frankly, I felt like the real reason for Easter was missed with all the other “stuff”. So, when I learned about the seder meal and how each step symbolizes our bondage and how Christ came and set us free, I was overjoyed.

During the course of the meal, the glass is filled 4 times. The first seder meal we celebrated as a family at home, Jonathan was not even 2. I can remember him sitting at the table, holding his wine glass by the stem saying “mo, mama, mo” while he waved the glass at me. His cup was filled about 8 times. Now he is going to turn 10 in June. I will say, that all the kids enjoy this celebration just as much as they ever enjoyed hunting eggs. We still do that- sort of. Now everyone thinks they are too old for the hunting part. They just want the candy! At least they can’t outgrow the seder meal.

On Sunday, we will get together with our extended family and eat and enjoy each other’s company. Praise God, Jesus came and bought our freedom from sin and our eternal life with Him. So, celebrate- it honors God when you do!

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