Seven, Already!

My beautiful niece who just turned seven!

I have two beautiful nieces, Katie Mae and Rylie Grace.  This past week, Katie turned 7 and we went to her birthday party on Saturday.  There was lots of fun, with a huge water slide, a tree house (literally- a house), and great food.  Instead of the traditional cake, we had funnel cakes and deep fried oreos. Talk about good!  Yes, I said it correctly- deep fried oreos.  You take oreos, dip them in funnel cake batter and deep fry them.  The chocolate cookie heats up and kind of melts so it tastes a lot like a chocolate funnel cake with a cream center.  Top that with powdered sugar and you have got one good thing.

Parties with the Preston family are always fun.  Windy, my youngest sister and mom to the fabulous nieces, always does a great  job.  Ryan, her husband and my brother-in-law, is a great cook.  The burgers were great.  My bunch had been looking forward to the party all week and we were not disappointed.

Sierra having fun going down the slide. Rylie is behind her.
Rylie and Sierra, Rylie had the cutest bathing suit
Jonathan had so much fun



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