Trimmin The Tree

I am really excited about this year’s tree.  I have wanted a Nobel Fir for a long time.

As you may have noticed, we don’t grow those around here.  Because of this, I have been out-voted for years as to what kind of tree to get.  Each year we take a vote to decide if we will go to a tree farm, cut one down from Grandmother’s land, or buy one from a tree lot. 

I do enjoy going to a tree farm to cut one down.  The kids all scurry around looking for the best tree to cut down.  Of course we always think that a tree we saw “right over there” would be the best and then have a dickens of a time finding it again.  Once we have located the tree that will have the privilege of decorating our home for the Christmas season, Tony cuts it down.  The atmosphere at the tree farms is always so great, it’s kind of hard to be a grump surrounded by all the trees, decorations, smiles and Santa.

As far as cutting them down from the field….  The event is fun, roaming the field with the kids is definitely  a memory making time.  But, I never like how the tree looks once it is home.  It is either to round, too fat, to tall or too thin.  Maybe I shouldn’t put so much emphasis on that part, but it matters to me.

This year, the drought worked in my favor.  Due to how quickly a local tree would dry out, we thought a “foreign” tree would be better.  I love this tree, it is so beautiful!

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