Simple and Beautiful Christmas Ornaments

I love sparkle, especially when it comes to Christmas Decorations.  One of the easiest and most beautiful decorations we have had were pine cones that we decorated ourselves.

Each year we make a few more.  Not only do they look good in our home, but it is a great way to make family memories.  Once the pine cones have glitter, I use them on trays or buffet tops and I hang some from the ceiling on pretty ribbons.

The first step is to collect pine cones.  This step is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy nature.  If it has been raining, the pine cones will be closed up tight, but after you bring them in the house for a couple of days they will dry out and open up.

The pine cone on top is completely dry and the one below is still wet.

The easiest way we have found to put glue on the pine cones is with a craft paint brush.  I pour the Elmer’s glue in to a bowl and the kids brush it on.

My nieces, Rylie and Katie, are brushing on the glue.

Once the glue is on, we put the pine cones into a plastic bag with the glitter and shake, rattle, and roll.  Once the shaking is done the pine cones are set on a paper plate to dry.  After they are dry you can set them out or tie ribbon to the top and hang them from the tree or ceiling.

Add some pine clippings and lights, and these pine cones make a classy display.

A hanging display of at least 5 pine cones is really pretty.  Here I only have one because I haven’t got the other out yet.  My children love to get out all the decorations and they always talk about when they make what.  These are the things that they will remember when they are grown, very few gifts are remembered for a lifetime.

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