Thursday, Another Week Is Drawing To A Close

With Tony home again today, we slept in till 9:00 am.  How nice to be able to stay under the warm covers on a cold morning!    Without hardly a word spoken, the kids got up and went about their chores.  Savannah was trying hard to be quiet, but her dog, Jade, backed up to our door and wagged her tail with great enthusiasm.  It cracked us up.  Once up, we walked our 2 miles at the park and ran the errands for the day.  One fun errand was to go by the Chamber of Commerce and set up the appointment to get our picture taken for the paper as our float in the parade won “Best Youth Entry” !

Californians-Beautiful Bunnies, great for meat and pets.
Californians-Beautiful Bunnies, great for meat and pets.

Last night we received a call from a couple that we had met at Living From The Ground Up @ North East Texas Community College-  a seminar on sustainable agriculture and backyard homesteading.  I was there to speak on herbs and composting.  Tony was there to tote my stuff and sell herbs.  We had a great time, learned a lot and plan to go back next year.  This couple shared our desire to produce as much of our own food as possible and were looking to purchase a few rabbits.  When it comes to producing meat without much space, nothing beats rabbits.  Sierra is in the rabbit business and has several that she breeds and sells.  So, tonight 5 rabbits went to a new home .

Sierra really does a great job of tending her business.  Earlier today, she and Jonathan separated out the ones leaving, tagged their ears and shut them up in a pen.  All the dogs were penned up so as to leave the visitors alone- not everyone like to be greeted by 2- 100 lb dogs.  But as such things go, Tony and I went out to load the rabbits when the 4 kids and their mom arrived and behold, there were only 3 rabbits where there should have been 5.  Bella, a yellow lab, had escaped the pen and pawed at the rabbit cage opening the cage and setting 2 bucks free.  We are hoping they turn up but to be honest, odds are not in favor of a white rabbit being able to hide very long.   We had more Californians for these folks so the kids went home happy.

Hopefully, we will have more of these blue bunnies in a week or so.
Hopefully, we will have more of these blue bunnies in a week or so.

If things go well, we will have American Blues born next week.  The American Blues are a rare heritage breed rabbit.  As the name implies, these rabbits are a beautiful gun-metal blue.  Being large rabbits, these are meat rabbits.  That being said, these also make wonderful pets as they are very docile.  I absolutely love these bunnies.  There are also white Americans and we have some of these, too.  As you can see in the picture to the right, in each litter you get a few off color one like the black bunny.  These will not be given a pedigree, but they make great pets.  When you live in the South, you need to choose rabbits with really large ears.  The ears act like radiators and cool the rabbits down.  This breed has performed very well for us over the past two summers and have had very large litters 10-12 kits (baby rabbits) in each litter.  I highly recommend this breed to anyone considering rabbits for food or pets.  A bunny or two will also produce lots of great manure for your gardens, they don’t bark, and require very little care.  Rabbits also fall under the pet category so anyone in town can enjoy these animals.

There were more Mario Kart tournaments on the Wii today.  I get so tickled listening to all of the squeals and giggles as the kids play this with their dad.  We ate leftovers today, so there wasn’t a lot of cooking today.  I did buy groceries for our Christmas celebration this weekend.  We are all so excited.  Tomorrow I plan to prep all that I can and process the dried herbs hanging in the kitchen.  I still haven’t done that- been working on the computer.  A lot of hours have been logged on the computer this week.  Today, I joined several search engines, localharvest, and updated ads on craigslist.


3 thoughts on “Thursday, Another Week Is Drawing To A Close

  • Here I am stalking through your blog looking for interesting posts when I stumble across the fact that you folks play Mario Kart Wii! Greg and I also play this super-fun game and sometimes we play on the wifi connection. Somewhere in my mind I now like to imagine that I have secretly played Mario Kart with other homesteaders relaxing at the end of the day from all across the world!

    • That is funny! Well, there is always some Mario Kart going on here at some point in the day. I love that you are homesteading and not letting size of plot stop you!

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