All My Chicks Are In The Nest

Jonathan and his parakeet.
Jonathan and his parakeet.

For the past week Savannah and Sierra have been visiting our Aunt and Uncle in Weatherford.  Jonathan has been the only child at home.  It has been quite nice to be able to just enjoy one child without anyone competing for my attention.  However, tonight everyone is home, including Cheyenne.  I do love having everyone home.  It doesn’t happen often these days.

Today was a quiet day, not too much going on.  Jonathan and I enjoyed our last day together.  He has been so sweet over the last week.  A great deal of this week has seen me sick and planted on the couch.  Not that Jonathan minded, he likes nothing more than to watch  movies or have a captive audience to watch him play video games.  Whenever I needed a cough drop he would get me one.  There is nothing like being handed an unwrapped cough drop by an eleven year-old boy, I just closed my mind to all the possibilities of what cold have been on his hands.  He was being kind and I took it at that.

As most of you know, I have four children with the first three being girls.  I love my girls and they love me- but not like Jonathan loves me.  They are very close to their daddy and just adore him.  I was delighted to finally have a boy- that way there was someone who thought I hung the moon.  Even though Jonathan is the baby of the family, I never refer to him as “my baby boy.”  I just cringe when I hear women do that- they are not babies they are young men.  I never want Jonathan to feel that being close to me threatens his masculinity so I treat him with respect- of course he knows who is still in charge, me.  He will one day be looking for a wife and I want him to know what a woman looks like that will respect a man and honor his place.  It is Tony’s job to teach Jonathan to be a man, it is my job to show him what a good woman looks like.

All the chickens spent the night safe and sound in their coop and there were no casualties.   I still had a bag of sweet feed in the back of the truck and  I am suspecting a raccoon, but something tore into the bag and had some dinner.  As aggravating as it is, I can’t really blame the local wildlife.  Most of their usual fare is hibernating or gone- like berries,  so they come to the farm looking for a year-round supply of food.  Never the less, I will do my best to stop them.  Brookshires is not far away and probably have some goodies in the dumpster.

Saturday will find us headed to Emory to get feed.  Cheyenne will go with me and we will have some more time to talk.  Savannah will be feeding White Tigers.  I suspect Sierra will find a book to read and Jonathan will be playing his video game.  For dinner I plan on making Green Bean and Round Steak Casserole.  I haven’t made this in a while due to the fact that the recipe called for several canned and boxed items that I don’t use anymore, but I will make this all from scratch.  If it turns out well I plan to enter it in a contest where the winner gets to produce their own cookbook.  Who knows- Recipes from the farm may soon be in print!

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