More Sleet? No, Thanks, I Have Had Enough

“Was that thunder?” Tony asked me before dawn.  It was and I won’t complain about more rain, but the sleet and ice I can do without!  So, Tuesday was a wet one for us.  The temp hovered around freezing all day which led to icicles forming on the sheds and barn.  Jonathan loves it, he gets to bash the ice on the tops of the waterers and he gets good things out of Sierra for doing her chores.

What a lovely brown egg in the pocket of my coat!
What a lovely brown egg in the pocket of my coat!

I was surprised when I looked out of the window and our red suburban looked like a red ice cube.  I then realized that if I didn’t start the car for Savannah she would be late for her college classes from trying to scrape the ice off.  The door to the car almost didn’t open as the ice had coated it thoroughly.  As I was taking of the Carthart when I got back inside, I ran my hand over the pocket and felt what I thought was an Easter Egg, then it dawned on me that Savannah had checked for eggs wearing that coat and had forgot to get the egg out.  I am so glad that it did not bust, thank heavens for strong shells!

Sorting seeds and straining herbal oils was the business of the day.  Rainy weather makes for perfect weather for sorting seeds and getting them into packages.  I have been recovering from a respiratory illness and the occasional cough or sneeze still sneak up on me unannounced.  Well, one hit while I was cleaning Texas Tarragon seed.  I sneezed and seed went everywhere!  You just gotta laugh.  So I cleaned them all up and carried on.  Citronella oil was ready to be strained.  Actually it had been ready for a couple of weeks, but I had not made time for it.  So, it is strained and ready to go.  Citronella makes for a great insect replant when used as an infused oil.  I made a small batch last summer and was very pleased with the results.  Jonathan was happy as well, he is like a mosquito magnet- must be because he is so sweet.

The oil takes on a lovely green color from citronella.
The oil takes on a lovely green color from citronella.

The other usual stuff around here- homeschooling and dinner.  Roast Turkey, potatoes, and salad are on the menu for tonight.  Just waiting on Tony to get home for super.  Well, the weather report calls for more chances of snow and rain, oh goody.  Thursday is looking like sunshine- I hope so!  This Texas girl has had all the winter I care to have.  Rain or not, I do enjoy homeschooling, herb farming, and being with my family.

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