A Day For Changed Plans

“All dressed up with no place to go…” Have you ever heard that saying?  Well, that was me this morning.  I was dressed with my hair done and even make-up on!  It was about that time when I was ready to walk out the door that I realized my keys were not to be found.  It seems that Tony took them to work with him in his bag.  Needless to say, I was peeved.  I was really looking forward to my Master Gardener meeting.  Oh well, the best laid plans.  What was crazy it that later in the day when Jonathan could not find a drill bit I began searching the junk drawer looking for a bit I found a key that looked like it should go to the car.  Guess what?  It did fit my car, but now it was 11:30 and the meeting was ending.  You just gotta laugh!

So, I shifted gears and then went on about my day.  It was a good day despite me not getting what I wanted.  I finally got in touch with the gal at The Jersey Girl dairy, they have 3 bottle calves and we are picking them up on Monday!  There are only a few things cuter than Jersey calves, I can’t wait.  Bottle feeding is time consuming, but it is really fun.  There will be lots of pictures coming, I am sure.  In the past we have bought them at the sale, which is a challenge because of the stress on the calves, but overall it has gone well.  We developed a routine that kept everyone healthy and happy.  These little bull calves are already a month old so that will be really nice.  The jersey steer, Porterhouse, made the best beef that I have ever had.  We are looking forward to a full freezer- in about 18 months.

This is a bottle calf from days gone by.
This is a bottle calf from days gone by.

Even though we had beautiful weather today, I did not work in the greenhouse.  Until the seedlings develop their first true leaves, I am waiting.  Gardening will teach you two things- the sense of urgency and patience.  But never fear, I was not without things to do!  I have had a project waiting in the barn.  A pig waterer has been on my list for a while.  I bought the components awhile back so today seemed to be a good day to start it.  I found the directions on line at this site.  There will be a full post on this when I am done.  Today I drilled a hole and put the spout in the pipe.  There was  a very small leak that will be fixed with epoxy and I need to glue the cap onto the end of the PVC pipe with some plumber’s cement.  I couldn’t find any cement so I am hoping that Tony has some stashed.  If not, I will hit the hardware store in the morning.  Once finished, the water pipe will provide water for the pig without the pig being able to make a mess of her pen or her water.  Because pigs are so strong you must go to extreme lengths to come up with a water trough that the pig can’t or won’t flip over to get water and mud to wallow in at will.  I am looking forward to this water pipe, kids who show pigs use them frequently.  I choose the thickest walled pipe available, I have seen the strength of hogs.  With the large diameter and long length, we shouldn’t have to fill it up very often.

The water spout in the PVC pipe
The water spout in the PVC pipe

Etsy has been a job I have been working on and it has been slow going.  It would make it easier if I had more experience at this sort of thing, but I don’t so it has been a learning process.  One of the things that had me held up was shipping the products.  After a trip to the post office this morning (before Savannah left in her car and before I found a key to mine) I felt so much more confident.  Sunny, my sister, will be receiving a surprise in the mail (unless she reads my blog) and I will know how the packages fared.  The shipping cost was not as much as I had expected, that was a good thing.  Things are shaping up.

Herbal Oil & Sea Salt Scrubs- ready to be purchased from Hollyberry Herb Farm
Herbal Oil & Sea Salt Scrubs- ready to be purchased from Hollyberry Herb Farm


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