My Monday

Fixing the truck together.
Fixing the truck together.

Monday was spent mostly in Athens fixing Cheyenne’s truck.  Her alternator went out so daddy was called.  I really enjoyed getting to see her.  Jonathan tagged along, he was missing his sister and he was curious as to where she is living now.  Of course, being a boy he enjoyed all the things a ranch has to offer- plenty of places to climb, explore, and empty wasp nests to take down and examine.    We all had fun eating lunch and catching up with Cheyenne.  She had just got back from the Fort Worth Stock Show where she and the rest of the Trinity Valley Show Team had been showing cattle.  I just love the fact that now that she is on the college show team, the college picks up the tab for everything and we are no longer footing the bill!  However, I consider every dollar we spent on 4h, show animals, livestock shows, and more well spent.  We made lots of great memories and the kids learned so much.

Over the weekend, it was First Monday- a really huge 100 acre flea market in our little town.  It brings folks from all walks of life and all sorts of things to buy.  Tony and I only bought gloves this time around.  Usually, we are set up selling herbs and such but our herbs weren’t quite ready and one lady bought all our antique doors (55) the week before.  So, we took the weekend off and enjoyed it!  Next month, we will enjoy selling herbs as they will be ready.

There were no seedlings bumped into cups today.  Now, I am anxious to get going in the greenhouse.  There is still much to do and the clock is ticking.  I plan to bump Holy Basil and Mullein next.  So, my goal on Tuesday morning is to have 15 flats done by 10 am so we can head to the library and grocery shopping.  Bumping starts just as soon as I have finished blogging, my quiet time, yoga and feeding the calves.  The human children are on their own for breakfast.

Dinner on Monday evening was simple- soup and sandwiches.  In honor of Duck Dynasty we had “ham samiches”!  We love that show.  Now, off to feed the calves.

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