A Beautiful View

Farm in the fog

My daily trip to the barn to feed “my boys” (the jersey bull bottle calves) was made through a very foggy morning on Tuesday.  Each morning when I start down the hill, Effie- the pig- starts to grunt excitedly and runs from stall to stall then up and down the fence.  I would like to think that she just loves me, but in  truth she would be just excited to see any person coming with the ability to pour feed  into her feeder.  Never the less, it is a great way to start the morning.  Wednesday was not foggy, but it was cloudy and rainy.

Effie The PigEffie the pig 2

The bottle calves are doing great.  The injured tail has mostly healed and only needed the first treatment of salve.  The boys are eating grain and hay very well.  Once the outside pen was in place we turned the pig and the calves out together, they get along great but the pig is definitely in charge.  The first morning I went in to bottle feed the calves, they were in seperate stalls.  To feed them, we just put the nipple through the wire grids and the boys slurp it down.  As I was watching one calf nurse, I could hear the slurping coming from the other stall.  Imagine my surprise to look over and see that it was Effie the Pig drinking from the bottle!  Well, the calf was confused and bewildered as it wasn’t really sure what the pig was much less why it was drinking his breakfast.  Now, we avoid any confusion by pouring feed into the pig’s trough first and then giving the boys their bottles.

The boys waiting on breakfast.
The boys waiting on breakfast.

Tuesday found us bumping up only 11 flats of Eritrean Basil and 2 flats of  mullein, I would have liked to bump more but that was all the prepped flats that were ready.  Needless to say, first order of business today was to fill more flats.  35 were filled and I have already used 24- all being used for Holy Basil.

Hollyberrry Herb Farm might be called the Basil Farm this spring.  Mrs. Burns Lemon Basil, Lime Basil, Holy Basil, Eritrean Basil, Red Rubin Basil, Spicy Bush Basil,and Sweet Genovese Basil are all growing happily in their 4 in cups.  Mammoth Basil, Cinnamon Basil, and one more variety that I can’t remember right now are up and waiting to be bumped.  We have over 100 flats of Basil in it’s various forms!  Even the seedlings give off such a wonderful aroma when I am transplanting them.  I just can’t wait for March, planting in the gardens will begin.  Also, the farm will be open and I am looking forward to our customers coming back around.

Sierra and Jonathan discussing how to cook breakfast.  Jonathan cracks me up as he wanders around the house wrapped in his blanket.
Sierra and Jonathan discussing how to cook breakfast. Jonathan cracks me up as he wanders around the house wrapped in his blanket.

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