Tony & Holly in Sedona Arizona

I must say that in all my daydreaming concerning travel destinations- Arizona never really made the list.  To some of you that will seem strange.  But, arid places have never really struck my fancy and I just am not crazy over cactus. But a week in Phoenix changed my mind about Arizona.

Now, I am still a southern girl who loves trees, camellias, and sweet tea so I have no plans to move there, but it is a great place to visit.  Tony spent three weeks in Phoenix training for his new position with and I flew out and spent the last week with him.  What fun we had!  We didn’t have a honeymoon when we got married and this week, unexpectedly, was like the honeymoon we never had.  I missed him desperately while he was gone, so seeing him waiting in the airport lobby made my heart go pitter-patter.

Most of the week was spent hanging out in the hotel, eating dinner at a different restaurant every night, and shopping, and swimming.  You hear all about the “dry” heat in Arizona, but until you have laid out by the pool and felt your skin shriveling up and crackling- you just really can’t grasp it.  Needless to say, my skin was happy to feel the humidity in Texas again.  On the last Friday there Tony had the day off and we drove up to Sedona for the day.

All I can say is “WOW”, God was really showing off when he made Sedona, Arizona.  We loved the drive, seeing all the huge cacti, and watching the terrain change so drastically.  I took plenty of pictures, but the pictures just didn’t capture the breath taking beauty that lives in that area.  We hiked to the Devil’s Kitchen and gazed into the most active sinkhole in Sedona.   It is so amazing to see nature so raw and rugged.  Tony and I love to be outdoors and hiking is one of our favorite pastimes, so this day trip was a highlight of our time in Arizona.

Lunch was delicious at Ken’s Creekside with a great view of the “Snoopy” formation and a great view of the handsome man I am fortunate enough to call my husband.  Tony had the hamburger which was served on a homemade bun and really huge, I had the crab cake with tomato soup and arugula salad.  The salad had pickled lemon rind mixed in and that was about the best thing I ever tasted.  Like I said, it was delicious.

Tony in Sedona

After a full day, we headed back to Phoenix did a little more shopping and then packed it up to head home.  What a great trip, I really did need and enjoy all that rest.  Our marriage is even better than before.  With all the demands on a person and a couple- it is imperative that you take time wherever and whenever you can to focus.  This was an unexpected blessing and it could not have turned out better.


tony devils sinkhole


wre1If you ever get the chance to see Sedona, Arizona jump on it- you will be glad you did.

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