About Us

Everybody loves a love story and a happily ever-after.

Our love story began 28 years ago and continues strong to this day.  I have always loved writing.  As the kids grew older and we moved to the Texas Gulf Coast, I decided to write that book I was always thinking about.  I have just begun to apply what I learned running my herb business for a decade to my author business- let’s see where this goes!

Hollyberry Herb Farm was the name of our herb business and farm.  You will see a lot of references to this little gem if you look back through the posts.  In 2017, a tornado leveled our farm.  It took a year to clean and rebuild the business and then my husband’s job moved us to Galveston, TX.  The farm girl became and island girl.

My faith is one that encompasses all my life.  When you read my blogs and posts I may not mention God in every one of them, but know that it is always from a grateful heart that I chronicle our days and teach on gardening and homemaking and I know that every good gift is from Him and thankfully He has a sense of humor!.  I have been redeemed by the blood of my Savior and I joyously serve the Living God with my daily life.

We hope you enjoy the articles on the various topics including parenting, organic gardening, vintage home decor and whatever else pops into my head!

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