Rose Gallery

Roses are  wonderful and everyone should have them in their gardens.  Below are pictures of roses that are great for Texas.  These Roses are easy to care for and are tolerant of our hot summers.  All of these photos are taken at my home, not in a nursery that has been controlling the environment.  All roses listed are repeat bloomers, unless specified.


Earthkind Roses

Not every rose is an Earthkind rose because not every rose can make the cut.  To get the Earthkind Rose designation roses must pass a very vigorous test.  Texas A&M does all the research and they take roses believed to be good candidates and plant them in test plots all across the state.  Then, for two years these roses are basically ignored, no extra water, pruning, spraying, etc.  If the roses do well under these circumstances then they are designated as Earthkind.

Belinda's Dream, a large shrub rose that can reach 6 feet. This has very large blooms with a light scent.
Yellow Knockout, single bloom with extreme hardiness. No scent.
Double Pink Knockout Rose, medium size bloom with extreme hardiness

Duchess D'Brabant, very fragrant




Buck Roses

Dr. Griffith J. Buck was Professor of Horticulture at Iowa State University at Ames, Iowa from 1952 until 1985.  Dr. Buck hybridized and bred roses looking for those that could stand the hard winters and still look good.  Interestingly, if the roses can stand the brutal winters, they can take our hot summers. So, these roses are excellent choices for our area.  Dr. Buck was looking for repeat blooming, disease resistance, vigorous but restrained growth habit and flower form and color.  I have to say, that the color on these roses is amazing.  Bright Melody is such a brilliant red that it seems to glow.  Ellen’s Joy is a soft pink with depth like I have never seen on a rose.  I love these.


Ellen's Joy
Bright Melody- Red
Joseph F. Lamb, a Buck Rose, this is the deepest red I have seen on a rose. It is really burgundy.
Joseph F. Lamb, buck rose


Magic Carousel Miniature Rose, 36 in mature height


Hardy, Good for Texas Roses

Iceberg, shrub rose, prolific bloomer & doesn't mind the heat. Very Fragrant
Julia Child, a beautiful hybrid tea that smells wonderful.
About Face, a pretty salmon colored rose that changes to pink. Great scent and hardiness.
Aroma Therapy- the name doesn't disappoint this rose had great scent! Hybrid Tea with a large double bloom, this picture doesn't capture it.


A beautiful red rose with a nodding habit. It looks wonderful in a container, very fragrant

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