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Visitors at the Farm

While picking up feed today, my cousin, Kodi, called to see if today was a good day for a visit.  Of course, I said yes.  One of the great joys of having a farm is to get to share it with others, especially kids.  I love to hear them giggle and to see their eyes… Continue reading Visitors at the Farm

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More Babies!

After a wonderful time at church, we came home to find that Salsa had a baby while we were gone.  What fun!  We love baby animals and goats are about the cutest things. See, no ears!  She is so sweet. Salsa is a LaMancha dairy goat.  Her breed has almost no ears- just little nubs. … Continue reading More Babies!


The Farm Has Expanded

Minnie Pearl and Lou Lou, my new lambsLast week some friends gave us a Boer baby that was the smallest of a set of triplets.  She was just a few hours old and very small.  We were so excited.  However, as it happens, she did not make it.  I was very upset.  I knew better,… Continue reading The Farm Has Expanded