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Herbs: An Overview

When thinking of gardening, cooking, eating healthy, one cannot get away from the beauty and necessity of herbs.  Regardless of your goal- to grow healthy food for you and your family, to attract butterflies, to make your gardens beautiful or to simply delight your senses- herbs fit the bill. For the most part, herbs are… Continue reading Herbs: An Overview

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Basil- For A Moment More & How To Make An Herbal Vinegar

As I left out on my morning run, for the first time this year I wore a hooded sweatshirt over my t-shirt and wind-pants with a cap on my head.  For us here in East Texas, that is just almost cold.  I could see my breath but there was no frost on the ground, just… Continue reading Basil- For A Moment More & How To Make An Herbal Vinegar

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Easy Breezy

The weather the last few days has just been wonderful- cloudy with the sun peeking through from time to time, breezy and just warm enough to be so very comfortable.  Our windows have been open and the air is cool, humid from the misting rains and reminiscent of summer evenings.  The summer evenings that arrive… Continue reading Easy Breezy