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Monday is Here & Chicks Are On The Way

The quiet pastures and dormant trees passed along as our old truck headed down Highway 19.  The winter landscape is a lonesome one, I miss the green fields and wild flowers along the road.  Tony and I made the trip to Palestine this morning to pick up a load of vintage and antique doors.  A… Continue reading Monday is Here & Chicks Are On The Way

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New Peeps!

The first little puff ball- he surprised us by being early.In November, my biology teaching sister hatched some eggs for a class project.  They had one hatch out of 2 and a half dozen eggs.  I had hatched just before her and only got 3 out of 18 eggs.  I have never had hatch rates… Continue reading New Peeps!

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Peeps Are On The Way!

One of our favorite activities around our little farm is incubating eggs.  It is absolutely amazing to watch the little babies peck at the shell and finally pop out.  So, tonight we set 18 eggs in the incubator and in just 21 days we will have a fresh batch of chicks.Last spring my mom, sisters… Continue reading Peeps Are On The Way!

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Peep update

Well, our best laid plans did not come to pass. None of the eggs hatched for my sister. How sad. However, we have a new plan. This Saturday I will set eggs in my bator and hatch them. Then she can take the chicks on New Year's weekend and have them waiting for the kids… Continue reading Peep update

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Peeps, Peeps, Peeps

My sister, Sunny, is a biology teacher at Coppel High School. As part of their study, the classes are learning about genetics. To give the kids a "living" example, Sunny took eggs from our farm to the kids to research the breeds I have and predict what the chicks would look like and which hen… Continue reading Peeps, Peeps, Peeps