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Five Things Friday

Wow, Friday is here again.  Here are my five things this week that really get under my skin: #5- 500 people standing in line at Wal-mart and only 2 checkers are open.  Really?  Does Wal-Mart really have to worry about making ends meet to the point that they can't open a few more lines?  This… Continue reading Five Things Friday


The Weather Is Teasing Us & So Are The Goats

Both today and yesterday were spring like, making us long for the cold to be gone for good!  But alas, rain moves in tomorrow and cool temps follow bringing another couple of mornings below freezing.  But the weathermen have missed it before, so maybe it won't get so cold.  One can hope... We certainly took… Continue reading The Weather Is Teasing Us & So Are The Goats

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Whoo Hoo! First Goat Baby of the Year!

Kandi's new baby girl Ever since George came for an extended visit back in the fall, we have been excited about the coming kids.  5 months have passed since George's visit and the first baby arrived today. As usual, it was not the goat we picked to go first.  Kandi brought us the first kid… Continue reading Whoo Hoo! First Goat Baby of the Year!

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Milk does the body good!

With the birth of the first goat 3 weeks ago, the milking season began. I waited a few weeks before I started to milk Rosa, my milk goat. The first milk the mother goats produce is colostrum and is not so tasty to drink, so I waited until all of that had passed. The kids… Continue reading Milk does the body good!