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Making Medicine At Home

For a live video go to Hollyberry Herb Farm on Facebook An Herbal Tincture is a method of preserving the medicinal attributes of an herb in such a way will allow you to use the herbs long after their season is gone.  As I have said before, the more herbs you eat, the healthier you… Continue reading Making Medicine At Home

All Year Round

Another Day on the Farm

The chicken spaghetti is done and Jonathan and I are waiting on Tony to get home.  Urgent Care is a busy place these days.  I guess I am not the only one who is trying to get well.  Tony has been working a lot lately as the number of patients seen in a day keeps… Continue reading Another Day on the Farm

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Gratin Dauphinois- A Fancy Name For A Flat Out Good Potato

You could call these scalloped potatoes, but Gratin Dauphinois has so much more flair!  It is hard to go wrong with potatoes, they are a humble food from the earth that need only a little dressing up.  You will be hard pressed to find a menu that can't be complimented with a potato dish.  With… Continue reading Gratin Dauphinois- A Fancy Name For A Flat Out Good Potato


What Did You Do?

When you have four kids you get asked a lot of questions. I am very proud of my children and  so often people now ask me what we did to get such great kids.  This question is especially asked of my older daughters who are now 19 & 17.  It seems that respectful youth with… Continue reading What Did You Do?