A Few of My Favorite Roses

Roses are  wonderful and everyone should have them in their gardens.  Below are pictures of roses that are great for Texas.  These Roses are easy to care for and are tolerant of our hot summers.  All of these photos are taken at my home, not in a nursery that has been controlling the environment.  All roses listed are repeat bloomers, unless specified.

Earthkind Roses

Not every rose is an Earthkind rose because not every rose can make the cut.  To get the Earthkind Rose designation roses must pass a very vigorous test.  Texas A&M does all the research and they take roses believed to be good candidates and plant them in test plots all across the state.  Then, for two years these roses are basically ignored, no extra water, pruning, spraying, etc.  If the roses do well under these circumstances then they are designated as Earthkind.

Belinda’s Dream, a large shrub rose that can reach 6 feet. This has very large blooms with a light scent.
Double Pink Knockout Rose, medium size bloom with extreme hardiness
Duchess D’Brabant, very fragrant

Earth-Kind Roses

During times past, roses have gotten a bad reputation.  Due to breeding for a huge rose blossom that looked beautiful at the expense of disease resistance and hardiness, many roses were developed that took an extreme amount of care to live.  The truth is, there are a lot of roses out there that are tough, beautiful and easy to grow.

In an effort to provide maximum garden and landscape enjoyment, Texas AgriLife Extension service developed and education program called Earth-Kind.  This program uses organic and traditional practices to create a new approach that delivers optimum enjoyment with no negative effects on the environment.

This is where roses enter the picture.  The roses that were being developed needed huge amounts of fungicides, insecticides, and fertilizers to stay healthy and bloom.  These practices are not earth friendly or friendly to the average gardener.  Through research in the Texas AgriLife Extension service, roses are being selected for the Earth-Kind program.  To be given this designation, roses must undergo a rigorous trial and only those that display extreme disease resistance and pest tolerance make the cut.

These roses are easy to grow and once established, the roses exhibit excellent drought and heat tolerance.  For a Texas gardener, those traits are certainly valuable!  When a rose is selected by a gardener with the mature height and width in mind, these roses will grow with very little care.  There are 21 cultivars at this time.  Below are pictures of each Earth-Kind rose, copied from Chamblee’s Rose Nursery in Tyler, Texas.  Chamblee’s Rose Nursery is a great place to buy roses, they were the first of offer Earth-Kind roses.  All 21 are available from them.

Belinda’s Dream
Soft Pink Hybrid Tea Earth-Kind Rose®

Caldwell Pink
Lilac Pink Polyantha Earth-Kind Rose®

Carefree Beauty
Light Rose Shrub Earth-Kind Rose® Dr. Griffith Buck Rose

Cecile Brunner
Pink Polyantha Earth-Kind Rose®

Cl. Pinkie
Rose Pink Climbing Polyantha rose Earth-kind Rose®

Pure White China rose Earth-Kind Rose®

Duchesse de Brabant
Rose Pink Tea rose Earth-Kind Rose®

Else Poulsen
Bright Rose Pink Floribunda Earth-Kind Rose®

Georgetown Tea

Earth-Kind Rose®

Knock Out (PP#11,836)
Cherry Red shrub rose Earth-Kind Rose®

La Marne
Pink/White Polyantha Earth-Kind Rose®

Marie Daly
Medium Pink Polyantha Earth-kind Rose®

Mme. Antoine Mari
Pink Blend Tea rose Earth-Kind Rose®

Monsieur Tillier
Earth-Kind Rose Salmon Pink Tea

Mrs. Dudley Cross
Earth-Kind Rose Yellow Blend Tea

New Dawn
Blush Pink Climber Earth-Kind Rose®

Perle d’Or
Apricot Yellow Polyantha Earth-Kind Rose®

Reve d’Or
Buff Yellow Noisette Earth-Kind Rose®

Sea Foam
Creamy White Earth-Kind Rose®

Souvenir de St Anne’s
Light Pink Bourbon Earth-Kind Rose®

Blush Pink Earth-Kind Rose®

The Fairy
Light Pink Polyantha Earth-Kind Rose® 

Yellow/Orange/Red Earth-Kind Rose