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Ornaments, Tradition, & Tapestries

When Cheyenne was about 3, a wonderful lady shared about buying ornaments for her grandchildren to hang on the "cousins tree" in her house.  Each Christmas the cousins would all come over and were given a new ornament to go on the tree and would then decorate the tree with ornaments from years past.  I… Continue reading Ornaments, Tradition, & Tapestries

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Divorce & The Holidays

As the holidays approach, life can really get complicated.  Add in blended families and divorced parents and it can be a real mine field. So I am going to offer something that, I hope will make your holiday what you hope for.  Sit quietly and think about what memories you would like to make with… Continue reading Divorce & The Holidays

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A Season of Transition- Are We There Yet?

tran·si·tion noun the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. This has been the definition of our lives over the past three years.  In reality, we are all in a constant state of transition as nothing stays the same.  We either move forward or we deteriorate.  However, so often… Continue reading A Season of Transition- Are We There Yet?

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For The Love of Bunnies

About a week ago, I rounded the house to find our dog, Duckie, sitting with purpose on the sidewalk giving me a look that said, "You need to deal with this."  As I walked closer I spotted the littlest brown bit of furry cuteness sitting at her feet.  I picked it up and was surprised… Continue reading For The Love of Bunnies

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Biggest One Acre Farm In Texas

You might have noticed that my blogging has been a bit irregular lately- there is a good reason for this.  We are moving!  I love my hill, it is so picturesque- but...  Farming is hard enough when you are not battling gravity and facing the North.  This land has been maximized as best we can,… Continue reading Biggest One Acre Farm In Texas

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A Sad Day On The Farm

It's one of those things that you know will happen, but you hope, somehow, it never will.  Kandi, our goat, died yesterday.  Death is something you live with on a sustainable farm, a homestead on which you produce your own food.  But you do get attached to the breeding animals, the ones who will live… Continue reading A Sad Day On The Farm

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Easy Breezy

The weather the last few days has just been wonderful- cloudy with the sun peeking through from time to time, breezy and just warm enough to be so very comfortable.  Our windows have been open and the air is cool, humid from the misting rains and reminiscent of summer evenings.  The summer evenings that arrive… Continue reading Easy Breezy

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A Beautiful View

My daily trip to the barn to feed "my boys" (the jersey bull bottle calves) was made through a very foggy morning on Tuesday.  Each morning when I start down the hill, Effie- the pig- starts to grunt excitedly and runs from stall to stall then up and down the fence.  I would like to… Continue reading A Beautiful View

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“The Talk”

It seems that it is time for "The Talk" once again at my house.  For many of you, you probably assume that from the title this talk will be about the birds and the bees.  Not so.  When you live on the farm topics like reproduction and various anatomical differences between male and females come… Continue reading “The Talk”

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My Monday

Monday was spent mostly in Athens fixing Cheyenne's truck.  Her alternator went out so daddy was called.  I really enjoyed getting to see her.  Jonathan tagged along, he was missing his sister and he was curious as to where she is living now.  Of course, being a boy he enjoyed all the things a ranch… Continue reading My Monday