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A Merry Christmas – What A Great Weekend

My daily posts have been delayed since my Thursday post because me and my little nest have been celebrating our Christmas together.  You may find this odd, but then my family is odd in a sense (or more than one sense) but it is odd in a good way. For long before I entered this… Continue reading A Merry Christmas – What A Great Weekend

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All through my teen years and all through these years of raising my children, there has been so much derogatory talk about teenagers.  The word "teenager" is often used in similar connotations as the word "cancer" is used or "terrorist".  I believe this to be shameful and misleading.  Having teenagers is not a bad thing. … Continue reading Teenagers….

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Little Girls Love Their Daddy

What better way to spend a snowy day than curled up with you dad napping. I don't guess you ever get too old. I hope not. Cheyenne is 17 and Savannah is 15. There aren't that many years left with these two at home. Good thing there are two more behind them.

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Mamaw was right!

My great grandmother, Mamaw, always said that if the snowed stayed on the ground for 3 days it would come again. Well, she was right again. We had snow about 2 weeks ago that stayed for more than 3 days. You might say that it wore it's welcome out! Last night we got about 8… Continue reading Mamaw was right!

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Katie Mae Preston

My niece, Katie, is 6 years old. This past week the "Basketball Skills Team" that she is a member of got to perform at the Varsity Girls basketball game. My bunch got to go and it was so much fun. Katie did a great job. There were just a few kindergarteners on the team. Her… Continue reading Katie Mae Preston

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Getting Merry!

Last night Sierra and Jonathan started bringing in the Christmas bins. Of course, we had to bring in the empty bins and pack up the fall decorations first. It looked like hobby lobby had exploded in my house for a few hours, but finally packed bins moved out and decorating began. I have been reluctant… Continue reading Getting Merry!