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The One Thing The Food Industry Won’t Tell You

Slate' Criticizes the 'Home-Cooked Family Dinner': Joel Salatin RespondsBy Joel SalatinTags: Joel Salatin, family dinner, home cooking, SlateVictimhood escalates to stratospheric whining with Amanda Marcotte's recent Slate post titled Let's Stop Idealizing the Home-Cooked Family Dinner.The piece concluded more often than not family members (especially the male ones) were ingrates and, generally, home-cooked meals were… Continue reading The One Thing The Food Industry Won’t Tell You


One. Last. Time…

Old Timers around my part of the country refer to what is called "Good Friday Gardens"  because they never put out warm season crops such as tomatoes before Good Friday- the Friday before Easter Sunday.  Here is why- 9 times out of 10 we will get a freeze or at least very close to freezing… Continue reading One. Last. Time…

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Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Fries with Rosemary

I must say that for years, I had an aversion to sweet potatoes.  The only form in which I had ever encountered them was creamed with marshmallow on top.  While most of my family loved these at Christmas, I did  and do not.  Not until my husband requested sweet potato fries did I reconsider this… Continue reading Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Fries with Rosemary


Off To Whispering Pines (the butcher)

Today was the day!  We have been looking forward to this for months.  Effie the Pig and the heifer ( and I mean that in EVERY sense of the word) went to Whispering Pines today.  Shortly, we will have a freezer full of good clean meat.  Meat having been raised on love, clean water, lots… Continue reading Off To Whispering Pines (the butcher)

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For the love of Salsa!

This is a post from the archives, but Cheyenne made a batch of salsa yesterday and she just nailed it.  That Salsa is so good, it needed to be shared again!   Me & Cheyenne (drinking bubbly apple juice) Cheyenne and I share a lot of things.  For instance, neither one of us can hide… Continue reading For the love of Salsa!

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The Best Things In Life Are Free

Oh, summertime.  One of the first signs that summer has arrived, other than every item of clothing on your person being soaked with sweat- and I mean all your clothing- is the arrival of dewberries.  These are a variety of blackberries- not as big and not quite as sweet as the cultivated varieties but they… Continue reading The Best Things In Life Are Free

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Choosing Seedlings

Each year I encounter folks who want to know why their seedling died or simply state the "I cannot grow anything". I hate hear these words!  The main reason that people fail at gardening is not because they can not grow things or that they are lacking in ability, it is because they start with… Continue reading Choosing Seedlings

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Garlic & Texas

As we get out and about now selling our herbs a Farmer's Markets and Garden Festivals, I am frequently asked if I have any garlic.  When I ask questions to clarify just what the customer is looking for, I am surprised that they are looking for seedlings so that they can grow their own Garlic. … Continue reading Garlic & Texas

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Quick & Easy Cream of Mushroom Soup

One thing I have encountered in my quest to cook healthy food which means very little from cans and nothing from boxes is the challenge of finding good casserole recipes that do not call for canned cream of mushroom soup.  Most of our favorite recipes from "the old days" had cream of mushroom soup in… Continue reading Quick & Easy Cream of Mushroom Soup


Goulash- Our Way

I know that there are variations on this dish and what I grew up calling Goulash is not what those of that culture call Goulash.  However, my kids love this and if you say "Goulash" this is what they expect.  I love it because it is simple and good, very filling especially when it is… Continue reading Goulash- Our Way