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Boy, Is This A Happy Girl!

When you begin a homestead or organic garden, you develop a new perspective.  What was once refuse  has become gold.  I now drive around neighborhoods looking for bags of leaves left out by the curb, if I find some we pull over and it is kind of like a Chinese fire drill- we all hop… Continue reading Boy, Is This A Happy Girl!

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What Was I Thinking?

When I was expecting my babies I prayed, like most mothers, that my child would be smart.  What was I thinking?  Well, I was ignorant.  I thought wouldn't it be lovely to have that smart child that was quick to catch on to things, that could make good grades, and be successful.  What I did… Continue reading What Was I Thinking?

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Peeps Are On The Way!

One of our favorite activities around our little farm is incubating eggs.  It is absolutely amazing to watch the little babies peck at the shell and finally pop out.  So, tonight we set 18 eggs in the incubator and in just 21 days we will have a fresh batch of chicks.Last spring my mom, sisters… Continue reading Peeps Are On The Way!