One. Last. Time…

Old Timers around my part of the country refer to what is called "Good Friday Gardens"  because they never put out warm season crops such as tomatoes before Good Friday- the Friday before Easter Sunday.  Here is why- 9 times out of 10 we will get a freeze or at least very close to freezing… Continue reading One. Last. Time…

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A Season of Transition- Are We There Yet?

tran·si·tion noun the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. This has been the definition of our lives over the past three years.  In reality, we are all in a constant state of transition as nothing stays the same.  We either move forward or we deteriorate.  However, so often… Continue reading A Season of Transition- Are We There Yet?


Off To Whispering Pines (the butcher)

Today was the day!  We have been looking forward to this for months.  Effie the Pig and the heifer ( and I mean that in EVERY sense of the word) went to Whispering Pines today.  Shortly, we will have a freezer full of good clean meat.  Meat having been raised on love, clean water, lots… Continue reading Off To Whispering Pines (the butcher)

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Pardon Me, But What State Are We In?

A state of dismay?  Or a state of confusion? Maybe a state of denial, but this can't be the state of Texas!  We set a new record last week of the coldest nights we have had since the early 1900's.  That my friend, is a record I do not care to repeat.  My tomatoes and… Continue reading Pardon Me, But What State Are We In?

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Snakes & Smoke & All Of That…

The morning dawned cold (for Texas) and I thought it would be so nice to start a fire in the wood burning stove so the kids could wake to a cozy family room and have a warm spot to cuddle by.  I am not sure what happened, but instead of being woke up gently with… Continue reading Snakes & Smoke & All Of That…

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My Honey Isn’t Feeling Too Good…

Tony has been sick, to be honest sometimes it is hard for me to be compassionate when he is sick.  The trouble arises from the fact that when I am sick, Tony totally deviates from his usual way.  Normally, Tony would go to the moon and back if I wanted something.  I am spoiled and… Continue reading My Honey Isn’t Feeling Too Good…

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More Sleet? No, Thanks, I Have Had Enough

"Was that thunder?" Tony asked me before dawn.  It was and I won't complain about more rain, but the sleet and ice I can do without!  So, Tuesday was a wet one for us.  The temp hovered around freezing all day which led to icicles forming on the sheds and barn.  Jonathan loves it, he… Continue reading More Sleet? No, Thanks, I Have Had Enough

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Monday- Surprise, Surpise, Surprise!

Not that it is ever easy to get out of bed on a Monday when the alarm goes off, but today was really tough.  For one thing, it was just so dark so it couldn't be time to get up.  When I did pull myself out of the bed to let the dog out, I… Continue reading Monday- Surprise, Surpise, Surprise!


The Weather Is Teasing Us & So Are The Goats

Both today and yesterday were spring like, making us long for the cold to be gone for good!  But alas, rain moves in tomorrow and cool temps follow bringing another couple of mornings below freezing.  But the weathermen have missed it before, so maybe it won't get so cold.  One can hope... We certainly took… Continue reading The Weather Is Teasing Us & So Are The Goats