Off To Whispering Pines (the butcher)

Today was the day!  We have been looking forward to this for months.  Effie the Pig and the heifer ( and I mean that in EVERY sense of the word) went to Whispering Pines today.  Shortly, we will have a freezer full of good clean meat.  Meat having been raised on love, clean water, lots… Continue reading Off To Whispering Pines (the butcher)

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Faith & Farm

As a blogger friend posted about the rain and hay making- which can be very dicey- it occurred to me that anyone who farms has so much to contend with on a day to day basis.  There is the weather, insects that destroy, insects that help, insects that are neither and the job of telling… Continue reading Faith & Farm

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Potatoes In A Tower

If you are trying to remove GMO products from your diet, one of the must go items is potatoes.  These have been GMO for years.  So, as we are working daily to eat better, eat real food and eat local- it was time to grow potatoes.  Now, according to my  great-grandfather Valentine's Day is not… Continue reading Potatoes In A Tower

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Some People Buy Flowers…

Some people buys flowers or cook you food when you lose a loved one, but in our family we buy you small livestock.   I realize that this might be strange to some, but to us there is no better way to say "I am sorry for you loss" than with a baby goat.  As… Continue reading Some People Buy Flowers…


Big Jobs On A Small Farm

No matter how small the farm there is still work to do, some jobs are even bigger because the farm is small. Take getting feed, for instance.  A really large operation will have bulk feeders that are filled by a truck sent from the feed store.  Some farmers buy feed in sacks by the pallet. … Continue reading Big Jobs On A Small Farm

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A land that flows with milk…..

There is a lot of excitement around the farm.  Given the time of the year, you might think it has to do with Thanksgiving and Christmas.  And all though the holidays to bring lots of cheer, the excitement right centers around a creamy white liquid…. We have raw milk again! Since the summer was so… Continue reading A land that flows with milk…..

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That’s How We Roll

Big Rocks Park, it was getting too dark, but this is still pretty. After all that Tony and I have been doing over the last 3 weeks with First Monday, tearing down the nursery equipment, and Third Monday Trades Days, the last thing we wanted to do last Saturday was get in the car and… Continue reading That’s How We Roll

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My First Tomato!

Breakfast is so much better with a home-grown tomato sliced up next to the eggs. I have been waiting & watching these little green tomatoes that were taking forever to ripen. Then this morning I spotted 5 red tomatoes! That just made my day. There is no comparison between a tomato from the store and… Continue reading My First Tomato!

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Say Hello To My Little Friend

I have a new herb that I am really excited about. Lovage. When I began gardening in order to provide as much of our own food as possible, celery was a vegetable that I loved to cook with for seasoning and flavor. The problem was that celery does not like Texas summers. So, what was… Continue reading Say Hello To My Little Friend

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A new addition!

We have been waiting for baby goats! When kidding season gets close, we just can't hardly stand it. Finally, Rosa kidded with a beautiful little buck kid. He is very strong and sooo cute! She had hime Friday afternoon. Rosa was the first one to dominoe, but there are four others. Now, we will have… Continue reading A new addition!