What Do You See?

What do you see when you look at this picture?  You probably see cuteness, adorable baby goat.  Some of you may even think that this is exactly what you need.  And shopping through the ads on craigslist you can find many cute and sweet goat kids- just the thing to make your little farm complete.… Continue reading What Do You See?

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Some People Buy Flowers…

Some people buys flowers or cook you food when you lose a loved one, but in our family we buy you small livestock.   I realize that this might be strange to some, but to us there is no better way to say "I am sorry for you loss" than with a baby goat.  As… Continue reading Some People Buy Flowers…


The Weather Is Teasing Us & So Are The Goats

Both today and yesterday were spring like, making us long for the cold to be gone for good!  But alas, rain moves in tomorrow and cool temps follow bringing another couple of mornings below freezing.  But the weathermen have missed it before, so maybe it won't get so cold.  One can hope... We certainly took… Continue reading The Weather Is Teasing Us & So Are The Goats


A New Year’s Day

Even though Tony & I are not really party goers on New Year's Eve, our New Year's Day usually finds us staying in bed till we just can't stand our stomachs growling anymore.  I love the start of a new year.  The slate is fresh and the opportunities abound.  Some years I am quite happy… Continue reading A New Year’s Day

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A land that flows with milk…..

There is a lot of excitement around the farm.  Given the time of the year, you might think it has to do with Thanksgiving and Christmas.  And all though the holidays to bring lots of cheer, the excitement right centers around a creamy white liquid…. We have raw milk again! Since the summer was so… Continue reading A land that flows with milk…..

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Got Milk?

One of the best things about having a farm and all the animals that go along with it, is getting to share them with my nieces.  Katie & Rylie are frequent guests and are always so excited to tag along with their cousins to do morning chores. Usually, Rylie goes with Sierra and Katie goes… Continue reading Got Milk?

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A new addition!

We have been waiting for baby goats! When kidding season gets close, we just can't hardly stand it. Finally, Rosa kidded with a beautiful little buck kid. He is very strong and sooo cute! She had hime Friday afternoon. Rosa was the first one to dominoe, but there are four others. Now, we will have… Continue reading A new addition!