God Cares About Who You Vote For

These words have been rolling around in my head, my gut, and my heart for weeks. I have been listening to people, all kinds of people and I have been pondering the reasons people give to what they do and who they are voting for - but I can get away from this one issue… Continue reading God Cares About Who You Vote For

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Best Advice I Ever Got When I was all of 19 years old, I was getting married. Lots of people weighed in on my decision- some welcome, some not. But I had one uncle I was very close to who always said the bold and brave things to me. He told me to let Tony have sex whenever he… Continue reading Best Advice I Ever Got

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Simple Beauty- Christmas Decorating on the Farm

I love Christmas time- I have a  desire to bake, cook, clean, decorate, and wrap gifts tied up with lots of ribbon that sparkles that I am just unable to suppress.  I do get some help from the kids, but mostly its just me and I love it.  Tony enjoys my creations, especially those emerging… Continue reading Simple Beauty- Christmas Decorating on the Farm

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Faith & Farm

As a blogger friend posted about the rain and hay making- which can be very dicey- it occurred to me that anyone who farms has so much to contend with on a day to day basis.  There is the weather, insects that destroy, insects that help, insects that are neither and the job of telling… Continue reading Faith & Farm

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The Most Powerful Woman In America

As I was standing in line at the grocery store the other day, Time magazine caught my eye.  An attractive woman was on the cover with the line "Don't hate her because she is successful" and under it was her name and claim that she had "a mission to reboot Feminism"  I guess being the… Continue reading The Most Powerful Woman In America

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“The Talk”

It seems that it is time for "The Talk" once again at my house.  For many of you, you probably assume that from the title this talk will be about the birds and the bees.  Not so.  When you live on the farm topics like reproduction and various anatomical differences between male and females come… Continue reading “The Talk”

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Each Seed Is Blessed

Each morning I begin my day with my quiet time, this is the one thing I must have to operate.  It is a spiritual thing, but it affects every aspect of my life.  One might think that I do this to pacify an angry God or that I am driven by a religious mindset, but… Continue reading Each Seed Is Blessed

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Passover Celebration

We celebrated Easter tonight with a Seder Meal. This is the traditional celebration done by the jewish community. We celebrate, not in anticipation of the coming Messiah, but in celebration that Jesus has come and set us free from sin! We all enjoy it so much. I was so grateful when I was first taught… Continue reading Passover Celebration