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For the love of Salsa!

This is a post from the archives, but Cheyenne made a batch of salsa yesterday and she just nailed it.  That Salsa is so good, it needed to be shared again!   Me & Cheyenne (drinking bubbly apple juice) Cheyenne and I share a lot of things.  For instance, neither one of us can hide… Continue reading For the love of Salsa!

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Old Man Winter is Knocking At Our Door

Here in Texas we have been having some very nice weather with highs in the upper 70's and lower 80's, however a cold front has been moving through.  Now the daytime highs are not such a big deal, the big deal for me and every other gardener is the overnight low.  If it drops below… Continue reading Old Man Winter is Knocking At Our Door


Zuccinni-Corn Fritters- Mmmmm Good

Today was a full day- as they all are.  Mondays are spent at home most usually.  After the weekend I always need to regroup and put the house back together.  It is after 8pm as I write this and I could probably still fill another 8 hours with things that need doing.  But, that is… Continue reading Zuccinni-Corn Fritters- Mmmmm Good


Savannah’s Sweet Pie Crust

My daughter, Savannah, inherited her daddy's sweet tooth and from me, she inherited the love for cooking and baking.  Savannah has always been in the kitchen and it didn't take long for her to start wanting to bake the sweets that her daddy loves.  It started with sugar cookies and then went to cherry pie. … Continue reading Savannah’s Sweet Pie Crust