One. Last. Time…

Old Timers around my part of the country refer to what is called "Good Friday Gardens"  because they never put out warm season crops such as tomatoes before Good Friday- the Friday before Easter Sunday.  Here is why- 9 times out of 10 we will get a freeze or at least very close to freezing… Continue reading One. Last. Time…

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Selling On Saturday

This Saturday began with an unusual event- I woke up before the alarm went off @ 4:50 am.  Usually, the alarm sounds and I feel bad for Tony being the one to get up and go to work.  Then the realization sets in that in fact it is I who must get up and get… Continue reading Selling On Saturday

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For the love of Salsa!

This is a post from the archives, but Cheyenne made a batch of salsa yesterday and she just nailed it.  That Salsa is so good, it needed to be shared again!   Me & Cheyenne (drinking bubbly apple juice) Cheyenne and I share a lot of things.  For instance, neither one of us can hide… Continue reading For the love of Salsa!

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Snakes & Smoke & All Of That…

The morning dawned cold (for Texas) and I thought it would be so nice to start a fire in the wood burning stove so the kids could wake to a cozy family room and have a warm spot to cuddle by.  I am not sure what happened, but instead of being woke up gently with… Continue reading Snakes & Smoke & All Of That…

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Cherokee Purple- One Good Tomato

Tomatoes and other goodies from the gardenAs I have said in a previous blog, this has been my first year to have really good success with growing tomatoes in  my garden.  Well, while I do enjoy all the tomatoes, there is one that really stands out as DELICIOUS!  That is the Cherokee Purple, an heirloom… Continue reading Cherokee Purple- One Good Tomato

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Heirloom Tomatoes

Lovely Tomatoes, my best harvest ever!!!For several years I have been trying to grow tomatoes.  It would seem that this would be easy in the south.  After all, according to Shirley McLain in "Steel Magnolias" growing tomatoes is what southern women do.  For me, however, this has not been the case.The first year I planted… Continue reading Heirloom Tomatoes