Two Brown Eggs, A Leaky Chicken House, & One Happy Duck

I sat down to type up a new post about an hour ago.  Just as I began, I heard the rain begin with gusto.  Sigh...  Guess what I did?  I put on my trust old coat (technically it is my husband's but I have commandeered it as it has a really long waist and covers… Continue reading Two Brown Eggs, A Leaky Chicken House, & One Happy Duck

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Faith & Farm

As a blogger friend posted about the rain and hay making- which can be very dicey- it occurred to me that anyone who farms has so much to contend with on a day to day basis.  There is the weather, insects that destroy, insects that help, insects that are neither and the job of telling… Continue reading Faith & Farm

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Grasshoppers & NOLO Bait

I once read in a gardening book that grasshoppers are usually present but don't do much in the way of damage.  I thought, "You have got to be kidding!  There is a place on earth where grasshoppers don't do damage?!"  If there is a place- it is certainly not in Texas.  Here, grasshoppers give a… Continue reading Grasshoppers & NOLO Bait

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Ahh, The Rain

As I write tonight, the thunder is rolling and the rain is falling.  Such a beautiful sound and the scent of rain in the air is just delicious. How grateful I am to have the rain to water all that has been planted.  Lately( like since Saturday), we have been having typical Texas weather- hot… Continue reading Ahh, The Rain


So, What Have You Been Up To?

I waited and waited for the spring selling season to get here, I potted herbs and started seed and dreamed about how busy and fun it would be.  Well, so far I have not been disappointed, we are busy and it is fun!  However, I am so busy that I am not even sure what… Continue reading So, What Have You Been Up To?

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Van Zandt County Youth Expo 2011

Well, it is hard to believe that the youth expo has come and gone. From January on, this is the main event on our minds. All the kids have worked very hard on their animal projects. Savannah had 2 goats, Cheyenne choose a lamb for the first time this year, and Sierra and Jonathan both… Continue reading Van Zandt County Youth Expo 2011

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Busy Day At The Nursery

Today was a great at the nursery. We had a lot of business and sold a lot of plants. The nicest people have come in and I have really enjoyed meeting fellow plant lovers. Folks are asking questions about the herbs, which is my passion. As I get further along in the business, I hope… Continue reading Busy Day At The Nursery

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It's Been A While…

We have been really busy around here. Not only have we been getting our gardens prepared and planted, we have also opened our very own nursery. The Farm on Holly's Hill Nursery and Organic Gardening Supplies. My focus will be herbs, both medicinal and culinary, and Texas Natives. Of course I carry all manner of… Continue reading It's Been A While…

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My Playhouse, er I mean Greenhouse

I am enjoying my new greenhouse so much. My wonderful husband built it for me. He is wonderful for many reasons, mostly for the fact that he is crazy over me flaws and all. For that , he has my unending devotion. Talk fo the greenhouse and how we wanted it to look had gone… Continue reading My Playhouse, er I mean Greenhouse

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Busy Day

Today we had to doctor a sick rabbit. It is amazing how fast one can go down. Seirra reported a rabbit with a runny nose this morning. Yesterday, none were sick or acting like they were feeling puny. After I consulted my vet books, I was no more enlightened than I was before. Either it… Continue reading Busy Day