One Perfect Spot for Kids- Lehnis Train Museum, Brownwood, Texas

When thinking of perfect places to tote a trio of grandkids on a road trip, Brownwood, Texas might not be the first place that pops in your head. However, Brownwood does have a lot to offer. One of those cool offerings is the Lehnis Train Museum. Daughter #3 is in her last semester at Howard Payne University in Brownwood, Texas. She also just celebrated her 22nd birthday, so on a whim, Tony and I decided to take a road trip with the trio.

We were super impressed with the space and scale of this museum. The kids loved all the model trains and watching them speed along the tracts. The volunteers are fantastic. The fellow running the model trains was also building new cars and engines as he spoke to us. We learned a lot and will avoid a lot of mistakes when we start building a set of our own.

The museum offers a lot of interactive exhibits. The play area is quite large and offered a lot for the kids to build and interact with, the trio spent about an hour and a half in this area and cried when we said it was time to go. The time spent here was so fun. You could see their brains working as they manipulated the levers, latches, and physics demonstrations. No one asked for a video all day!

But, the highlight of the day was the mini train that we got to ride. The cost is $2.00 per person (4 and under are free) in addition to the entrance fee which is $4.00 per person (4 and under are free). And this was the best spent $2.00 ever! The conductors were fun and let the kids blow the horn at the end of the ride.

Brownwood, Texas offers a lot of fun, low key family fun. The train museum is not the only attraction in Brownwood. You can learn more about Brownwood and other great places in Texas if you look in the Texas Travels category over on the sidebar. I have been traveling with kids for almost 30 years, and simple is a good thing.

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Homeschool Guests

hard at work

Today, we had guests for homeschool. My nieces, Katie & Rylie, got to spend the day with us. Actually, they spent the night and were here all day.We love to have them over.

Botany is the science subject for Sierra and Jonathan this year. The course is produced by Apologia and is excellent. Today we were studying the testa (seed coat) and the parts of the embryo. I really enjoyed Rylie and Katie doing class with us. They were so much fun. One of our activities was to design our own testas and color them. Katie was the only one who remembered to include the seed’s hilum (belly button). That made me feel really good. The delight that children show when learning is certainly a gift from God.

The other activity we did was do start an experiment. We placed 3 different kind of seeds in a ziplock baggie along with a wet paper towel. Now, we will wait and see which seed sprouts the fastest. Katie and Rylie will take their baggies home with them, of course. Katie told me that she had a warm spot in her room on the window sill to put the baggies.

I hope to get to do this some more with them.

Who says school isn't fun? Rylie & Sierra working hard on their science

Cousins, Jonathan & Katie, working on their seed coat