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Ornaments, Tradition, & Tapestries

When Cheyenne was about 3, a wonderful lady shared about buying ornaments for her grandchildren to hang on the "cousins tree" in her house.  Each Christmas the cousins would all come over and were given a new ornament to go on the tree and would then decorate the tree with ornaments from years past.  I… Continue reading Ornaments, Tradition, & Tapestries

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The Best Things In Life Are Free

Oh, summertime.  One of the first signs that summer has arrived, other than every item of clothing on your person being soaked with sweat- and I mean all your clothing- is the arrival of dewberries.  These are a variety of blackberries- not as big and not quite as sweet as the cultivated varieties but they… Continue reading The Best Things In Life Are Free


What Do You See?

What do you see when you look at this picture?  You probably see cuteness, adorable baby goat.  Some of you may even think that this is exactly what you need.  And shopping through the ads on craigslist you can find many cute and sweet goat kids- just the thing to make your little farm complete.… Continue reading What Do You See?

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The Dallas Farmer’s Market

Yesterday was a fun family outing.  The kids love to go to the Dallas Farmer's Market.  It is such a paradox to me that these country kids like to go in to "the big city" and go to the Farmer's Market.  But it is fun.  If you haven't ever gone to the Dallas Farmer's Market… Continue reading The Dallas Farmer’s Market

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Sierra + Birthday= Chicken Jalepeno Soup

That is a lot of candles! She blew them all out in one try, make your wish My third daughter, Sierra Anne, turned 13 this past January.  My how time does fly.  Sierra is very petite, but don't let her size fool you.  She is a firecracker.  But, she is every bit as sweet as… Continue reading Sierra + Birthday= Chicken Jalepeno Soup

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Whoo Hoo! First Goat Baby of the Year!

Kandi's new baby girl Ever since George came for an extended visit back in the fall, we have been excited about the coming kids.  5 months have passed since George's visit and the first baby arrived today. As usual, it was not the goat we picked to go first.  Kandi brought us the first kid… Continue reading Whoo Hoo! First Goat Baby of the Year!

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What A Day

Today was a lot of fun. Starting early at 7:30 am, we set up pony rides for a fundraiser for the East Texas Stampede, which is a 4H equestrian drill team. Sierra rode with them in the parade at the Peanut Butter Festival in Grand Saline. That is correct, the Peanut Butter Festival. It seems… Continue reading What A Day