My First Tomato!

Breakfast is so much better with a home-grown tomato sliced up next to the eggs. I have been waiting & watching these little green tomatoes that were taking forever to ripen. Then this morning I spotted 5 red tomatoes! That just made my day. There is no comparison between a tomato from the store and a garden fresh tomato. I still think that the Black Krim tomato is the best I have ever eaten. I will be planting more of those in the fall. The tomato I ate today was a Mountain Spring. This plant is extremely hardy and the fruit is tasty. So far, it is one that I would plant again. I will keep it on the list for now.

Say Hello To My Little Friend

I have a new herb that I am really excited about. Lovage.

When I began gardening in order to provide as much of our own food as possible, celery was a vegetable that I loved to cook with for seasoning and flavor. The problem was that celery does not like Texas summers. So, what was I to do? Now, thanks to Lovage I can have the flavor I love. To use Lovage, all you have to do is snip of a sprig or two, chop it up and add it to whatever dish you are cooking.

An added benefit to using Lovage versus celery, is that Lovage has medicinal properties as well. It stimulates the immune system and is good for treating winter illnesses and respiratory tract concerns.

Lovage is easy to grow. If you purchase a transplant, simply plant it in sun, shade, or partial shade- just be certain that the soil is well drained. One plant is all you need as Lovage grows to 3 ft in one season. The plant is herbaceous (dies back in winter) but being a perennial it comes back every year. What more could you ask for?