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A Few of My Favorite Roses

Roses are  wonderful and everyone should have them in their gardens.  Below are pictures of roses that are great for Texas.  These Roses are easy to care for and are tolerant of our hot summers.  All of these photos are taken at my home, not in a nursery that has been controlling the environment.  All… Continue reading A Few of My Favorite Roses

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There’s A Fungus Among Us

There's a fungus among us and I don't mean mushrooms. If you have attempted to grow any sort of vegetation for any amount of time, you have probably dealt with an unfriendly fungus.  While a great many varieties of fungus are essential to plant life and a great many others are neither good or bad,… Continue reading There’s A Fungus Among Us

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Pardon Me, But What State Are We In?

A state of dismay?  Or a state of confusion? Maybe a state of denial, but this can't be the state of Texas!  We set a new record last week of the coldest nights we have had since the early 1900's.  That my friend, is a record I do not care to repeat.  My tomatoes and… Continue reading Pardon Me, But What State Are We In?

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Earth-Kind Roses

During times past, roses have gotten a bad reputation.  Due to breeding for a huge rose blossom that looked beautiful at the expense of disease resistance and hardiness, many roses were developed that took an extreme amount of care to live.  The truth is, there are a lot of roses out there that are tough,… Continue reading Earth-Kind Roses

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One Tough Rose

I am so excited to have the "Peggy Martin Rose" for sale at the nursery. The Peggy Martin is a thornless climber that bears clusters of pink roses all season. What makes this rose especially unique is that it survived 20ft of salt water when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Talk about tough. This rose… Continue reading One Tough Rose