The Way To A Man’s Heart

Southern Women love their food and the men are no different.

Brett is the embodyment of a southern woman and she loves to cook- so much so she made a career out of it. Here’s just a bit about that southern cooking.

“Holy crap! You startled me!” she yelled then laughed.  “Don’t you make any noise when you move?!”

“Sorry, I’ll try and do better, I just needed a closer look.  I thought I recognized cornbread,” he smiled down at her.

“Yes, sir- what proper cookbook wouldn’t have a recipe for cornbread?” asked Brett

As she separated out the prepared batter into four bowls, she began to add things to the separate bowls.

“What are you doing?” exclaimed Alex, “You are messing it up!”

“Settle yourself down, I am not!  I am showing variations to the recipe.”

“The only variation that cornbread needs is which food are you going to eat with it, like are you going to have greens with your cornbread or beans or soup.  You don’t have any business adding peppers or nothing to that cornbread.”

“Well, I see that you are passionate about your cornbread, but I know what I’m doing.  But just in case, I promise there will be a pan of cornbread made just the way your mama would have done it, right down to the bacon grease in the cast iron skillet.”

Holly K. Ross- Out of the Shadows

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Golden and Good!

Out of the Shadow

Here’s a little teaser:

Fierce- Beautiful- Unreasonable- Bulldog- Sexy- Unapologetic- Irreverent- Compassionate- Successful- Principled- all words used to describe Brett Bentley, all of them true.

Risk is not a word Brett runs from, frankly she likes it.  After her husband and voice of reason dies, there is no one to stop her from building a team of hackers to hunt sex trafficers down and drain their bank accounts.  Now trouble is  stalking her.  A case of mistaken identity or has someone discovered her secrets?

Help is a four letter word to Brett.  When help shows up in the perfect form of a former Army Ranger, Brett’s first response is to have her Italian Mastiff clamp down on his family jewels.  If this doesn’t serve as a warning, Alex Jensen only has himself to blame.  Retirement has been a bore, he can’t resist taking a ride on Brett’s drama train. First impressions are deceptive, not only is Brett’s life really on the line, it becomes clear that neither of their hearts will be intact when this ride is over. A South American drug lord has Brett as the object of his rage and desire.  Cornered and alone, Brett must be her own hero.  Lethal is the word she needs now- does she have what it takes?

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